Thennattu Illom

Restoration, Renewal, Rescaling Retrofitting

Thennattu illom is a three hundred year old timber house of central Travancore, which had undergone several transformations to accommodate the needs of its generations.

Dr.Sunil Neelakantan, and his wife approached us to improve this threehundred year old structure to make it livable, yet keeping the architectural character without much of a change.

After making an assessment of the needs, we decided to scale up the height of the structure, combine small rooms to make it optimal, reconfigure the spaces inside, Improve ventilation, lighting, modernise the kitchen, adress problems of the leaky tiled roof, to add attached washrooms.

There are pictures of this building before interventions, and we have also included some images during the process of intervention. You can access these pictures by clicking on these links.