1. Ajay Abey

  1. Ajay is a Director of Centre for Sustainable Built and Natural Environment (C.S.B.N.E). Ajay has Masters in Urban Design from National University of Singapore and has fifteen years of Architecture,Master planning and Urban Design experience in India and Singapore. Ajay is actively involved in managing the office affairs and has been responsible for design and delivery of projects in various regions. Ajay has also been selected as I Gen-2019, a recognition for architects at the National level. Ajay’s multidisciplinary project exposure has been very valuable for CSBNE

  1. Tara E Pandala

  1. Tara is a Director of Centre for Sustainable Built and Natural Environment (C.S.B.N.E). Tara Pandala is an Urban Design post graduate from CEPT University, Ahmedabad. Tara has been handling design concept development and Interior design wing of C.S.B.N.E. Tara is also involved in academics and has guided award winning Thesis. Tara has also secured the Architect’s national level recognition I- Gen 2019. Tara’s design skills has proved very effective in developing the exemplary design and detailing of C.S.B.N.E’s projects.

  1. Eugene Pandala

  1. Eugene Pandala is an Architect, Urban Designer and Heritage Conservator. His passion for Natural Heritage conservation, transposed him to explore deeper into Affordable sustainable development and Architecture. A BBC story described architect Eugene Pandala’s work as “a glorious return to tradition, deftly adapted to modern-day needs”.
  2. Known to be an architect sensitive to environmental needs, Mr. Pandala has found inspiration in vernacular approaches in his country, and has created several beautiful projects. His buildings establish a relationship with nature, they are not ostentatious, they are climate-friendly.
  3. Eugene Pandala started his career as an educator founding head of the second Architecture school in Kerala in 1985, while having his architectural practice all along.
  4. His active role in INTACH as its State Co- Convenor, helped to promote and strengthen Cultural and Natural Heritage conservation moment in kerala, and he is a permanent invite of the Art and Heritage commission, Govt. of Kerala since it was constituted.
  5. In 2011, Lalith kala Academy awarded him the First Laurie Baker Award.
  6. In 2008, Inside Outside Design Magazine awarded him The Designer of the year award for Eco friendly buildings.
  7. In 2005, Inside Outside Design Magazine awarded him Commendation award for Thiruvananthapuram East fort Heritage conservation project. In 1999, He was given ‘JK Architect of the year award, for his residential building, which was built with mud in 1996.