Eugene Pandala

Hospitality Projects

Centre for Sustainable Built & Natural Environment

Sustainable Resort Projects

A five star deluxe resort built in Kollam, conceptulized to give a journey through the cultural and natural heritage of Travancore region.

The Raviz Ashtamudy

A resort made using local materials, mud, stone bamboo crafted by local artisans was built on the bank of river Ken in Panna, Madhya pradesh.

Sarai at Toria

A resort made with waste wood and steel salvaged from an old building, along with locally available mud and stone, built near the bank of river Ken in Panna Madhya Pradesh.

Tendu Leaf Jungle Resort

Nestling in 35 acres of greenery stacked with pepper, coffee, arecanut and tea plantations and ponds, Banasura Hill Resort, was built in Wayanad district of nothern Kerala in the Western ghats,

Banasura Hill Resort

An Ayurvedic treatement centre built on the banks of one of the most beautiful coves of Ashtamudy lake. 'Sarovar' was build using cut earth (Laterite), and salvaged parts of old buildings.

Sarovar Ayur