The Raviz Ashtamudy

Centre for Sustainable Built & Natural Environment

About Raviz Ashtamudy

Sustainable Architecture and bio-diversity inclusive landscape

‘The Raviz' evolved as an environmentally sustainable project, showcasing cultural continuity of this region where the Portuguese, the Dutch and the English ruled, intervened, and contributed to its cultural heritage. The location of the resort is significantly linked to the history of costal, natural and cultural heritage of connected regional estuaries linked with canals from Trivandrum to Cherthala (Travancore Sherthala Canal). Landscape was designed using sustainable landforms with native endemic flora, to encourage the conservation of a fast depleting fauna. The conceptof landscape design evolved to showcase an illustrative example to restore bio-diversity of land and water interface of a costal ecosystem of lake Ashtamudi and its connected backwaters.

The water edge of this property, an old boat building yard was restored to its nearly original state with lateritic boulders incorporating numerous hideouts for natural breeding of fish, crabs and other supporting living organisms. The plants used at the water edge includes species of mangrove to recover the depleting biodiversity.