Artists retreat built with earth & stone

  • Situated amidst the picturesque basin of Marayoor, OWIYUM is a living and a work space for Indian and German artists. The form is an amalgamation of art and architecture where spaces are carefully carved to blend with the surroundings. An array of huge boulders was left undisturbed and the house seems to spring from and is a part of the landscape - even the stairway leading to the upper living area is dealt with as a sculpture organically emerging from the ground.
  • Built with mud and stones excavated from the site, part of the dug out area is also converted into a natural pool. The roof is made of locally available timber and thatched palm leaf which is skill-fully configured to allow views of the surrounding hills and let in ample daylight for lit interiors. Only natural materials have been used; the flooring in rustic handmade clay tiles and even the bed is crafted out of mud and waxed with honeybee wax. The landscaping is done encouraging the animals to interact and not disturbing the existing ecosystem with plants being hosts to mesmerising butterflies and trees hosting chirping birds adding a musical dimension to the space. The whole setting is truly a feast for the eye.